Madame T
Biographical information
Real name

Naomi Tarasova

Hacker name

Madame T

Physical description

Former Zionite



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Eye color


Chronological information

Madame T was an eccentric redpill who was currently amassed a fortune through shrewd business deals and has taken up full residency in the Historic District, where she lives in a tea room off the main road. The front of her house has the sign: "Fortunes Told".

She sometimes gave players missions, calling them "fortunes", but she explained them mysteriously and was always vague, especially with the mission's specifics. For fortune telling, she used either Tarot cards or her crystal ball.


Chapter 8.1.2Edit

Madame T. was one of the group of influencial individuals that formed an alliance with the Merovingian after the breakdown of the Truce and the oncoming war against Zion and the Machines. It is assumed that she was the only human being out of all of the members.

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