Mannsdale or Mannsdale Housing Projects is a neighborhood in the west of the Richland district, surrounded by Magog, Zia, Kedemoth, Dannah Heights. The residing neutral contact is Anti M. The residing gang are the 88s, which have turned the neighborhood into their fortress.


Chapter 9.3.3Edit

Niobe and Zion operatives battled Halborn, deleting many of his programs in Mannsdale.

Chapter 10.2.1Edit

Colt called for a sweep of hardlines across the city, hoping to find his old friend Mauser, who still had not contacted Zion. Mauser's signal was narrowed down to the vicinity of Mannsdale, where he was eventually seen heading for a hardline, but when he spotted the operatives around the phone booth, he made a dash for a pay phone down the street, and vanished.

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