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Mary MacHenry was a female bluepill.

Biography Edit

Chapter 8.3.3Edit

During Chapter 8.3.3, The Merovingian tracked down and summoned the pod subroutine who had been in charge of overseeing Mary MacHenry who had vanished at that time. The subroutine refused to co-operate, making the Merovingian arrange to have its log files stolen. From the files, it was found that the Machines had subjected MacHenry to vigorous physical reconditioning before removing her from her pod.

Chapter 8.3.5Edit

During the events of Chapter 8.3.5, Persephone recalled a time during her work for the Machines at the pods when a human was removed. The log files for the human described the circumstance similar to those concerning Mary McHenry.

Appearances Edit

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