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Matarax was a male Cypherite crewmember aboard the Blue Dreamer, in the Syntax server of The Matrix Online.

Biography Edit

Early Awakening Edit

As a bluepill, he was relaxed and loved life in the Matrix, which he thought was real. However, he was forcefully awakened by one of the code pulse bombs which were used by Morpheus when he began to protest against the machines keeping the body of Neo. he grew to dislike the new world that was introduced to him.

The Bitter Red-Pill Edit

When he returned to the Matrix, it offered him some escape from the real life reality. He met up with a group of members who would later be revealed as the Cypherites, who craved being reinserted back to the matrix as well. He even admired and befriended the group's leaders, Cryptos and Veil. He has since abandoned separated the Zionites in favor of joining the renegade group, expressing the fact that humans should embrace the co-dependence of the Machines.

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