60px-Wiki-shrinkable This article is based on information from the game, The Matrix Online. Information in this article may contradict situations and events from the Matrix movie trilogy.

The Merovingians are a group of redpills that appear in the course of gameplay of The Matrix Online. The Merovingians uphold the ideals and practices of The Merovingian. A mission controller for the Merovingian is Flood.




Members in the Matrix OnlineEdit




Notable factions:

  • The Codemasons.
  • Abaddon.
  • Consequence.
  • Chimera's Dirge.
  • Deviance.
  • Sovereign.
  • Les Affranchis.
  • The House of Forseti.
  • Dark Mavericks.
  • Familia Grigori.
  • The Devil's Advocates.
  • The Masquerade.
  • Les Enfants Terrible.
  • Phalanx Persephone.
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