Mia killing the Cartel gunmen

"Geez, Mia... Guns?"
―Dez on Mia's new choice of job [src]

Mia was a bluepill who ran drugs and guns for criminal cartels.


She ran drugs for the crimelord Marlowe, but quit on bad terms with him after her boyfriend Dez convinced her they should spend more time together, instead taking up running guns from the distributers to the cartels.

While Dez was telling her how he felt he couldn't trust reality any more after seeing through to numbers that everything was made up of (she accused him of taking the drugs she was running), Cartel gunmen sent by Marlowe burst through the apartment door trying trying to kill her.

Mia emerged from the smoke laughing, and opens fire with a machine gun, killing them all as Dez looks on. They then heard helicopters approaching; Mia grabbed Dez' arm and they started to run together, pursued by Agents and trying to find answers.


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