The Million Machine March (also known as the Machine Rights Movement) was an event that happened prior to the Machine War. It was a famous protest march calling for the equal rights of Machines and Humans that occurred around the early 2090s. The protest was a result of the execution of B1-66ER,  the first robot who killed his master in self defense when he was found defective and ordered to be destroyed.

Crowds of different machines, as well as some outraged pro-machine humans, took to the streets of cities in an initially peaceful demonstration that later devolved into rioting. However, they were met with deadly force by both police and anti-machine humans. Many machines who had surrendered or simply holding signs for the protest were brutally shot and killed. The immense number of destroyed machines were dumped into a river and junkyards. The surviving Machines then founded their own city nation, called Zero One, where they would live a separate life from their creators.

These demonstrations would become one of the events which contributed to the rise of the future Machine War.

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The protest is a reference to the real-life Million Man March that occurred in 1995 when countless African-Amercians in Washington, D.C. gathered en masse on the National Mall in protest of various social inequalities. It may also vaguely allude to the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 which lasted for 5 days and incited after the Caucasian police officers who were charged with police brutality on African-American citizen Rodney King were unjustly acquitted.

The scene in which a gynoid is hammered to death is possibly in reference to transphobic violence, due to the circumstance, language ("Please don't! I'm real.") and context (both Wachowskis have since transitioned).

The scene in which a robot stopping a moving tank is possibly in reference to the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest.

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