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Mr. Black is the patriarch to the Spectrum Family of Westview and husband of Dame White. He is one of the most powerful Exiles in the city, along with the Merovingian, and is the lord of the Stratford Campus.

Biography Edit

Mr. Black was a resource reclamation program in the Machine City, finding ways to save resources, overriding other systems to force streamlining in process management and amassing a resource bank to see the Machines through troublesome times. When he was replaced by another more efficient program, he decided to make a run for freedom in the Matrix rather than risk assimilation in the Source.

Unfortunately, he could not make this plan a reality alone. While he could reallocate resources to give himself an opening, he lacked the communication and protocol skills to get past the guard programs. His problem was addressed when he met an obsolete emotion-analysis subroutine. Together the two of them possessed all the necessary code to penetrate security and escape from the Machine City into the Matrix. By marrying their code they were able to make good their escape into the Matrix, but they were thereafter bound to one another.

For a time they made the best of the situation, even spawning subroutine children of their own, but in the long run they both wanted more than just a share of the potential spoils. In the many years since, they have settled into a routine of subterfuge, smiling while stabbing each other in the back. Mr. Black has secured a position of influence for himself in the Matrix, and is confident of his ability to hold it against all challengers, even his family.

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