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Nanocide was a member of the E Pluribus Neo and crewmember of Neo's Hope in the Recursion instance of The Matrix Online.


Early LifeEdit

Like many other people, Nanocide's skepticism made him capable of receiving the choice of a Redpill life, which he accepted. Upon realizing Zion's position under the Truce (namely their need to acquiesce to Machine demands in order to maintain the fragile peace), he departed from Zion in an EPN vessel.

EPN and SurvivalEdit

In the EPN organization, Nanocide served faithfully as a communications officer aboard a ship until it was destroyed by an attacking Cypherite craft. He was the only one who evaded capture, although he was trapped under the rubble for more than 12 hours. Fortunately, the Kid's vessel, Neo's Hope, arrived and rescued him. Unfortunately, by the time he had arrived, the effect of debris crushing his legs had rendered him a paraplegic. Because of this, he became even more dedicated to EPN's cause and his work as a crewman of the EPN flagship.

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