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prototype for simulating emotions of animals

Chronological and Political Information

Nomatopoeic (Original machine name: Nomatopoeic v6.7.5.) was a program developed by the machines to simulate the emotions of animals in their interactions with bluepills, with the hope of stopping people from believing that the Matrix was a false reality. She was scheduled for deletion after the truce was broken. She escaped from being deleted by being brought into the matrix as an exile, with the help of Persephone and a few Merovingian operatives. She had, at least one time, divided herself into two separate parts: Nomat, and Opoeic (AKA Alice Sataro).

Personality Edit

Being a program simulated to animal behavior, she understands some basic commands like sit, jump and sit. She had also just recently been able to talk and reproduce some works while being in parrot mode.

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