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"Odran always surprises me. Just when I think I got this guy figured out, he changes on me. If he's laughing, I know everything is all right, though."
Neurophyte [src]

Odran is a crewmember of the Novalis II, where he works as the life systems engineer. He is known for being a guardian patcher in the Matrix.

Biography Edit

  • Source from MxO archive

Recruited into the Novalis II crew as soon as it was re-commissioned, Odran was anxious to get back into the action. He finds amusement in the smallest of things, and makes friends everywhere he goes, regardless of affiliation or organization. Like his namesake, he loves life and tries to avoid fights, but when forced, he is an unusually vicious opponent. Rumor has it that someone he cared about was attacked, but he will not speak of it.

As life systems engineer, Odran makes sure that things like the light and heat stay working, not to mention the complicated machinery that creates food and fresh water for the crew. He constantly tries to keep the mood light with jokes and other assorted mischief. In the Matrix, Odran has fallen quite naturally into a role of healer and protector for the group.

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