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Omega Hardware Solutions was a company in the Matrix which produced computers specialised for "security related activites".

OHS-T1 Personal ComputerEdit

The OHS-T1 was a personal computer "specifically customised by Omega Hardware Solutions for enhanced connectivity and for advanced security testing".

Produced in 1999, it used a ROM BIOS v8.19 - rev 3. and came with a User Handbook containing usage instructions and an extensive F.A.Q. at the rear of the manual, a free replacement of which was available from the Omega Hardware Solutions customer support hotline if it was lost. This was accompanied by a Quick Start Guide and a manufacturers warranty which abuse or reverse engineering of the embedded PORTKEY technology to perform illegal activities voided.

The OHS-T1 came with a number of programs in its SYSTEM directory:



Omega Hardware Solutions had a website at which showed that by June 1st 2003 displayed "Business Terminated", indicating that the company had folded between 1999 and this time.


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