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"Beautiful, quiet, and brilliant, Oniyuzu intimidates me sometimes. I often wish I could know what she was thinking."
Neurophyte [src]

Oniyuzu was a crewmember of the Novalis II, where she worked as a reactor specialist on the ship. She was also a martial arts specialist.

Biography Edit

  • Source from MxO archive

A beautiful enigma, Oniyuzu moves through a crowd like a shadow. Her brilliance is matched with her modesty and beauty. Effortlessness is her watchword, as she works to optimize every aspect of her life and work. When fighting, her movements are precise, and powerful. Unlike others, she never seeks to impose her will on the Matrix. She does exactly what she must, and leaves flashy gestures to others in the crew, like Neurophyte, Lelan, Vashuo, Al3xandra, and Odran.

As the reactor expert, Oniyuzu's job is to make sure the often cobbled-together power supply is running at top efficiency. Power interruptions are a common problem in hovercrafts, causing lengthy reboots of computers and endangering jacked-in crew members. For this reason, captains often choose from their most reliable crew members to take on the role of reactor expert. It came as absolutely no surprise when Sawayaka and WanNi jointly announced Oniyuzu in that role.

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