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Operation Dark Storm

Machine War






Earth was covered with artificial storm clouds and much of its natural life died off.
Machines are unable to leave earth due to the the massive amounts of lightning in the upper atmosphere.


In the middle of humanity's war against machines, the leaders of the United Nations find themselves desperately trying to halt the advances of the Machines, who (in the eyes of the various governments) threatened the power bases and economies of man.


The Machines were winning the war against the humans. Looking for any way to slow the Machine's advance, scientists devise a plan to block the sun's rays from the surface of the Earth using nanites sprayed into the upper atmosphere in the hopes of cutting the Machines off from their primary power source. This "final solution" to win the war against the Machines is named Operation Dark Storm[1].

The theory of Operation: Dark Storm
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The operation commences in 2095, with UN bombers deploying the shroud over the Middle East, but the shroud inadvertently ends up encircling the planet.

While the humans are successful in "scorching the sky",[2] Operation Dark Storm fails to slow the Machines, who utterly defeated mankind to later imprison them in a virtual reality "zoo" or prison known as the Matrix.
The operation is initiated.
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Even after generations with the Machines dominating the planet, they have not been able to remove the nanite shroud. As the Architect revealed to Neo that the current year is actually something around 2699, which means that even with their advanced technology the Machines have not been able to remove the nanites for six centuries.

Trinity sees the sun for first and only time
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It is possible that this is because the nanite shroud was truly never meant to be deactivated, is resistant to EMP, there was no shutdown code or antidote, and the nanites are infinitely reproducing Von Neumann machines. If this is the case, it was an act of near-suicidal desperation by the United Nations. Conversely, the Machines may simply have become so used to their new civilization relying on humans powering the Matrix that they feel no need to remove the nanite shroud, which also conveniently starved to death most organic life on the planet.

Neo and Trinity attempt to fly the Logos over the nanite shroud in The Matrix Revolutions. This causes not only the heavily damaged hovership to short out, but also all of the Sentinels on the hull to stop working.

The Logos flying over the dark clouds
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It is therefore possible that the nanite shroud also prevents any travel into outer space, essentially trapping the Machines on Earth. However, in Goliath, it is said that the machines have sent probes into outer space, so this unlikely to be the case.


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  1. Operation Dark Storm is described in "The Second Renaissance," a two-part short film from The Animatrix.
  2. Morpheus tells Neo that he did know that man was the one who "scorched the sky," showing him a depiction of the Earth's sky while introducing Neo to the concept of the Matrix within the Construct.
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