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The Osiris was a MARK VI, No. 16 Zion hovercraft, named after the Egyptian god of the Afterlife.


The Osiris discovered the Machine army digging down towards Zion. After they were attacked by Sentinels the First Mate Jue entered the Matrix to send a desperate message using an emergency broadcast drop.

Just after Jue dropped the message, the ship was destroyed by Sentinels. Its message, however, was retrieved by the Logos in an emergency operation by Captain Niobe and First Mate Ghost, and the Crisis Meeting was held to warn Zion of the army.


The nameplate on the ship's core read:

MARK VI № 16
YEAR 2079

This is an allusion to Mark 6:16, which reads:

"But when Herod heard this, he said, 'John, the man I beheaded, has been raised from the dead!'"

Another reference to the name of the ship, Osiris, who as god of death, the Afterlife and the underworld was raised from the dead in Egyptian mythology. In the Matrix, the effect of the crew of the Osiris lived on after their deaths with the success of their emergency broadcast message.

Emergency broadcast messageEdit

"This is Thadeus, captain of the Osiris. It is 18:03 on 12-14, and I fear this will
be our last transmission. Less than two hours ago we were pinned between two search units near BZ 2-18.
We tried to outrun them on the surface when our sensors went completely berserk.
We didn't believe what our equipment was telling us until we ran smack into the middle of it.
An army. Their army. It's massive, hundreds of times the size of anything we've fought. We are
under heavy pursuit and have sustained critical damage. We are going to attempt an emergency
broadcast drop in the Matrix. After that, all we can do is hope that somehow this disk reaches
Zion, and if it does, it is not too late."



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