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Samuel Clemens

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"We all struggle for what we have lost."
―PackleByte [src]

PackleByte was a member of the Merovingians in The Matrix Online.

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Samuel Clemens was originally a student from Yale who enjoyed life to the full. However, his parents became bankrupt when the company Enron choked. he landed on a crap job in Verizon, which involved decommisioning phone booths and replacing them for improved wireles versions. During that job, he noticed redpill operatives hanging around the booths, and offered him their drugs. He agreed and became a redpill himself. However, the missionary practices and bargain basement parties did not suit him. He did agree with the philosophy expressed by Neo. He blamed Zion for the curent predicaments because he believed that they did not listen to him. He then affiliated himself with the Merovingians.

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