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Phinney was a female redpill who was formerly aligned to the Zionite cause, but later affiliated with the rogue group known as Unlimit, which was led by the madman known as Anome.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

The bluepill that would eventually become Phinny grew up in a poor and unhappy life in Limon. When she tried to commit suicide by jumping from a rooftop, she was rescued by a redpill named Strenlo, who hyperjumped and caught her. She then began to fall in love with her saviour, growing stronger as he nursed her through the traumatic transition of "awakening".

Redpill trauma Edit

Unfortunately, Strenlo revealed to her that he was already romantically involved, who was Yuen Li.

Phinney then stalked her former saviour and his true girlfriend until she was disciplined by the authorities of Zion. Even when Yuen Li was killed in the battle of Zion, he still avoided his spurned lover, leading her to hate him. She joined the renegade group of redpills led by Anome, who had gained powers from consuming code vials stolen by Anome. It was also speculated that she would seek to kill him with the new powers she had gained.

All members of the Unlimit group are now considered deceased with the exception of Beirn.

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