Agent Jones possessing a pilot

Possession is the process by which a program takes over a bluepill's avatar, controlling it and projecting its own RSI in place of the human's.


Agents frequently use possession to move quickly from one location to another. Though the process only takes a brief time, the Agent is vulnerable to attack during this time. The bluepills have no awareness during the possession, and are often confused when they return to consciousness, sometimes badly injured. However, should the Agent "die" while using a possessed bluepill, the bluepill dies as well.


After resisting deletion, Agent Smith began to replicate and possess all of the inhabitants of the Matrix, both human and program. After being stopped by Neo's sacrifice all returned to normal.


Jimmy being possessed by an Agent


While never clearly stated, Exile's shells may be possessed bluepills, and the programs must change their shells when they are destroyed. This is seen when the Oracle uses a new body after the Merovingian used kill-codes to her old shell which he acquired in exchange for Sati's exile to the Matrix.

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