Raven Underwell is a bluepill who once had a redpill experience. She found herself in the Pod attached to the power plant and saw the docbots and sentinels around her.

Considering it some kind of vision of an alternate reality, she named them Somnicultos ("Sleep Guardians") and started to believe that god-like alien machines tend us and perhaps even created humanity.

Inspired from that "vision", she became an artist of nightmarish sculptures with dark visions of enslaved humanity.

She became controversial and had many exhibitions which scared off the viewers giving them sleepless nights or nightmares. Eventually she became famous and gained a fortune.

At her exhibition at Hednet Gallery, a potential boy visited them. Then, the sculptures as if given life started to ravage everything around them.

She ran off scared on the street. A public phone rung to which she replied and heard a cryptic message: "It is not enough to believe what you see. You must also understand what you see". Then the cityscape before her changed to a graveyard.

The next second she was back in the exhibition, as the boy left the room.


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