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Recant is affiliated with the Cypherites in the Syntax instance of The Matrix Online. Although not a liaison, he served aboard the Blue Dreamer and assisted Haigen, Tranta and Esime.


Originally a member of the Masked organization, Recant served under Gemaskeerd and Enmascarado faithfully. After Enmascarado's death at the hands of the The Assassin and Genmaskeered's disappearance, Recant went underground with many of the other Masked operatives, biding their time.

Soon Recant found himself in an era where his organization was more public and branded themselves as Cypherites. Unsure of their resolve to the old ways, he decided to test them. After accessing the hidden Cypherite data hub in the Slumberil site, he challenged Cypherites to a series of tasks.

ChloeAnn deciphered his riddles first and as a reward, he allowed her to choose his fate. Determining him to be a valuable asset, she invited him to rejoin the organization. He then boarded the Blue Dreamer where he served vigilantly alongside the liaisons during operations and battles.

Recant was last seen in Mara during the final hours before access to the Matrix was cut off by the Machines.

Recant is a term that means "to disavow one's former beliefs", which would be appropriate because the Cypherites no longer believe in being liberated by the Matrix.
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