It has been remarked on repeatedly that the Matrix trilogy houses a much larger theme of religion and faith, while considerable evidence has been found to further this view. This article will attempt to cover in depth the meaning of the Matrix in terms of religion, and decipher the complex themes that form the story's core.

Plot in relation to ReligionEdit

The plot of the Matrix follows Neo, a hacker who discovers he has been prophesied to free humanity from the Machines. Obviously, the Matrix's main idea can be easily related to religion. "The Chosen One" (Neo) can be easily compared to Jesus, being a prodigal being destined to save humanity, in Christianity's case, by sin. At the conclusion to the first Matrix film, Neo sacrifices himself before rising again – an obvious parallel to Christ. However, the "rising from illusion" is more Buddhist than Christian in meaning, as is the concept of fate. The Matrix's symbolism, in conclusion, cannot be attributed to any one religion, but instead all religious beliefs.

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