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Reposco was a liaison of the E Pluribus Neo organization aboard their flagship, Neo's Hope.

He appears in the Recursion instance of The Matrix Online.

Biography Edit

Reposco at some point in his early history opted to join the Zion Navy, but was then declared to be missing in action, along with his crew, under Zion Command during the events of the Truce.

He was eventually found by a team of EPN within a Cypherite base. Nobody really knows about the surrounding circumstances except for the EPN founder, the Kid. However, it is confirmed that from this point onward, Reposco had decided to join his rescuers' cause because of his determination to fight against the Machines.

He gunned down the Scanline operative known as Trifid, a former Zionite who defected to a neutral movement.

He also is accounted for running the EPN tournaments dubbed "Green and Gold Code Tournaments" which resulted in several EPN operatives to receive specially coded equipment from Michael "The Kid" for their marksmanship in taking down hostile Machinist operatives, and honing their skills in martial arts against each other on remote rooftops in Mega City's outer limits.

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