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Derice Salazari was a bluepill in The Matrix Online. During the search for Invalesco, Neurophyte met Salazari in order to find out information regarding the renegade blooddrinker's location.

Biography Edit

Salazari was a street muscian who was befriended by the exile known as Yttri. Despite becoming truly aware of the matrix thanks to her, he remained to stay in order to help her study unusual goings-on, otherwise known as the occult. Neurophyte, who was on the hunt for Invalesco, encountered the bluepill while looking for clues in the Oddette haunted house in Dannah Heights, where the bluepill was sitting on the floor eating pizza. After giving him a story, he revealed to her that the blood-rinker made a deal with The Trainman in order to take complete control over one of the subway lines. he also said that Invalesco control emanates from Manssen park.

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