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Salera was a member of the Merovingians in the Syntax instance of The Matrix Online.


Bluepill LifeEdit

As a bluepill, Salera could not be best described as a saint, for she was power-hungry as well as a loner.

Redpill LifeEdit

Salera was once a highly regarded Zionite operative. She worked very closely with Morpheus, who helped liberate her. At first she was grateful, but then secretly resented him, for putting her in a place of darkness compared to the happy life she had lived in the Matrix; enjoying the vanities that were up for offer in the fake but beautiful alternate reality. As a result of working for Morpheus, she met Cypher,

To be continued

Deal with King of the UnderworldEdit

To be continued

BloodlustV was involved in part of her deletion.

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