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Satis playground view

View of Sati's Playground

Sati's Playground was a construct which was beleived to have been created by the exile Sati herself. If there is a Sati's toybox (bought from a vendor in Mara) in the players possession, the operatives can fight the creatures in the box and gain a reward.

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Inhabitants Edit

  • Chi-mon Kunoichi
  • Tenmon Kunoichi
  • Intonjutsu Kunoichi
  • Choho Kunoichi
  • Boryaku Kunoichi
  • Sui-ren Kunoichi
  • Bajutsu Kunoichi
  • Shinobi-iri Kunoichi
  • Hensojutsu Kunoichi
  • Kayakujutsu Kunoichi
  • Kusarigamajutsu Kunoichi
  • Naginatajutsu Kunoichi
  • Sojutsu Kunoichi
  • Shurikenjutsu Kunoichi
  • Bojutsu Kunoichi
  • Kenjutsu Kunoichi
  • Taijutsu Kunoichi
  • Seishin-teki kyoyo Kunoichi

Sleepwalker Edit

  • Mr. Bartle
  • Ms. Finch
  • Mr. McNeal
  • Mr. Meters
  • Ms. Osburn
  • Mr. Quimby
  • Ms. Tucker
  • Ms. Walls

Gallery Edit

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