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"I won't let him get me. I'll get myself first. He won't get me. He failed, I got his powers. I lost everything else. The Assassin won't get me to claim what was his. I'll take it with me. It'll be mine...forever."
―Seral's final blog post. [src]ext

Seral was a female redpill who joined Anome's renegade group known as Unlimit who reveled in drinking cheat code which made them considerably powerful.


Joining UnlimitEdit

In her blogspot journal, she believes that nobody trusts her and that she never trusted anyone. She was surprised when Anome, who betrayed Zion, chose her to have one of the vials he obtained. After joining Unlimit, she never came back to her former ship, which contained a similar journal of her's (most likely containing information about her earlier life).

It is believed that the vial she drank, was a powerful one that gave her some of the same powers as the Assassin, and ever since she was a little bit scared of her powers, and that the Assassin is after her. At some time prior to joining Unlimit, she gained a fear of flies, as a result of gaining the powers of the Assassin, and has believed that he is after her ever since.

When it came to her first complicated assignment in Unlimit, she was bitterly convinced that they expected and wanted her to fail. The assignment was considerably hampered when at least one of the members of Unlimit were trying to betray their crazy leader, However, she believed that the traitors were jealous of her powers.

Personality Edit

After drinking the vial, Seral's personality changed radically. Before, she had very little self-confidence and felt extremely privileged to be allowed to join Unlimit; after, however, she frequently suffered from paranoia and depression and was unwilling to trust most people, believing that everyone was against her. Over the next month she slowly descended into insanity over her own insecurities and fears of the Assassin. She only confided in two people on her blog, Dragonram and loreleii; however they were later revealed to be manipulating her for their own ends, which ultimately contributed towards her breakdown and possible suicide.

Curiously, she did not seem to be aware of Neo.

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