Spencer Lamm was the designer of and through his company Redpill Productions. He worked as an editor at Marvel, including for Ectokidthe Wachowskis' first project – and has collaborated with them since then as editor for The Art of The Matrix, and The Matrix Comics at Burlyman Entertainment. He also worked with Bill Sienkiewicz on the plot of one comic Sweating the Small Stuff, and wrote another, Saviors, for The Matrix Comics Volume 2.

Biography Edit

Lamm graduated from New York University in film and literature. He worked at Marvel, including as assistant editor for Clive Barker's Razorline imprint, which published Ectokid, as well as Strand Bookstore and in advertising, before setting up Redpill Productions.[1]

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  1. The Matrix Comics Volume 2, p. 132

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