Sphairo (sometimes abbreviated to Spha) was a Merovingian in the Syntax instance of The Matrix Online. She came to prominence for her services in the faction The Codemasons.


Awakened through her own efforts after a near breakdown in her old bluepill life, Chase was fueled by the desire and hope for growth to dedicate herself to something greater. The Machines aware of this development, put a tracker on her in the form of Agent Pace. The realization or knowingness that there was something more to her life than what was as well as the contact of an unknown Zion crew were the catalysts for the eventual rebirth. Rescued by an unknown Zion crew, she was brought to Zion and decided to climb the ranks of Zion's marine core, a feat only few woman had before achieved. When offered a contract and own ship, she rejected this offer and co created her own faction with the help of redpill Daelim called Tainted Anarchy.

She gave herself the alias Sphairo and continued to train and mission up newly awakened redpills, who affectionately called her "Spha." Although satisfied with the progress she had made, she still felt unfulfilled and felt that her destiny was not yet fully accomplished, and so continued to train and participate in the war against the machines by collecting information and rallying support.

The CodemasonsEdit

After the events of Ookami and Malphas, the awareness of Sphairo's skills on the battlefield, coupled with her single minded and hard faced nature had reached a man named P0ET, who headed a group of individuals that would later become one of the Merovingians' most infamous factions. P0ET and his council, Longowner, Marieham, Revolt, and Andokai, invited the redpill along to join them in their plans to grow as a faction and in the Merovingian's hand.

The Codemasons grew and Sphairo created her own ship to captain, the Alecto, which served as a relief space for new recruits and injured operatives. Although her single mindedness led to her leaving the faction several times, the Codemasons became Sphairos' home where for the majority of her time she served in the fight against both Zion and the Machines.

She eventually retired from active service and carried out the remainder of her time in the Matrix as Maras resident "Spha", dueling new recruits, old foes and enjoying the Matrix in all its glory until the shut down.

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