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Strenlo was a Zionite operative.

There is an unconfirmed rumor that he had a romantic connection with the Unlimit lieutenant known as Phinney, which can only be speculated. Strenlo himself offered her the choice of being liberated. Whether she loved him or not, it later turned to hatred when he rejected her advances on him. Strenlo was already romantically involved with Yuen Li, who was killed during the battle of Zion. Despite this, he still gently spurned Phinney.

When the Machines were attempting to terminate any Zion operatives with the use of a signature code, some time after the breakdown of the Truce, Zion tried to get every signature-compromised operatives out of the Matrix. Strenlo, who was one of the compromised operatives, stayed in the Matrix to save information backed up from the lost Zion mainframe. He was terminated by the Agents before he had a chance to exit the Matrix.


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