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Suda was a member of the Zionites and the captain of the hovercraft known as the Crescendo.


In Chapter Chapter 10.1.3, the Cypherites decimated the entire crew of Suda's ship, with the help of the infiltration of Pernicia. The data that was obtained from the ship was then captured and given by Veil to the Oligarch known as Halborn.

Later, the Ghost visited the site of the crew's massacre in the real and death in the construct world, Widow's Moor, where he discussed some theories concerning larger motives or relationships behind this event. Such topics included the intruder's actions and the attempted interception of commander Lock by both Cypherite and Machinist hovercraft. before any more could be discussed, Ghost and the operatives were ordered to leave the zone by Archivist and a summoned swarm of Gargoyles.

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