Physical Description


Exile Information

management program for solar powered arrays

Type of Exile:


Chronological and Political Information

Phoenix gang


Sunshine was an Exile who currently resides in Ikebukuro. She is currently in a war with Cerulean.


She claimed that she was formerly a management program for the Machines' solar power arrays, before humans blotted out the sun in Operation Dark Storm. This suggests that she is an old program before the time of the Man-Machine War.

She is currently allied with the neighborhood's local game, the Phoenix gang.

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She might be a green barets member, I will have her questioned, I'm not for certain of her origin, but do however have a different program, to use. To see if she's legitimate. The Phoenix gang derives from a tony award, and st Raphael councilor might say, she's of Elvis and her code name is Lisa Marie.if so, she might have a ring under scouts domain, she's pretty elusive, and stated she's a cop, and works with the police scanner, if so she cannot be trusted. I've seen her at a time in Houston, the FBI served a warrant in my monistary, and she was a double agent, said she was there to recover her father. But the way I see it, I took a transport, and was separated. And I'm pretty sure she's a narc.but uses dope. So really I'm not sure, she may actually be mafia, but when I looked further, I found out she's not, and is assumed by a church of Scientology. Of which I'm not sure what that is. I'm in Christian psychology. And st Raphael psychology. I'm pretty sure the veterans administration is where she works. And she's got copriends and fire department friends, and bragged about swat team. And wanting to be an emt. Like I said, I don't know anything about her. My dad said he took me to her house, because it was a brothel. She is maybe a st Jude's children's hospital person. He uses a slot machine to enter. I had quit breathing, and was on life support. He said I was going to death rattle soon, it was unavoidable. And if I didn't shock my system into believing, I might not wake up. She showed me a horror story. I hated being with her.because she like horror books and stuff. She's like fangoria magazine, and Elvira mistress of the dark. It's pretty lame. I dumped her a long time ago.because I couldn't stand to look at her. She's pretty outside, but ugly inside.

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