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Super Burly Brawl
Neo smith2

Machine War




Mega City, The Matrix


Both Neo & Smith are destroyed, Zion is saved






Smith (The Oracle's shell)

  • Neo
  • Smith (The Oracle's shell) (other Smiths just watched)



"Neo: It ends tonight.
Smith: I know it does, I've seen it. That's why the rest of me is just going to enjoy the show because everybody knows that I'm the one that beats you.
―Smith and Neo

Super Burly Brawl is the term for the final battle between Neo and Smith, preventing the latter from controlling the Matrix and leading to the salvation of Zion and ending the Machine War.

The Degrading MatrixEdit

"You like what I've done with the place?"
Smith to Neo [src]

After striking a deal with Deus Ex Machina, Neo entered the Matrix to face off against Smith who had assimilated its every resident. The Matrix was degrading, the code was falling off as constant rain and darkness. Neo walked on the road, with hundreds and thousands of Smiths standing and sneering at him as he passed by.

The Smith that assimilated from the Oracle, came forward and told Neo that he had seen Neo's death at his hands, and so "that's why the rest of me is just going to enjoy the show because we already know that I'm the one that beats you".

The FightEdit

Oracle Smith
The two adversaries threw punches at each other, but neither of them gained the advantage. Soon both of them landed a punch on the other's face throwing them off in opposite directions. While Neo regained his balance and stood up unfazed and unharmed, Smith landed on the hard road and broke chunks off it.
Neo Smith Crash
Smith, now enraged, flew up into the air. Neo followed him and they both collided in mid-air, causing a shock-wake strong enough to stop water droplets in their tracks. The continued fighting airborne until Neo was thrown into a wall near Smith, destroying several more walls in the process. Neo and Smith then collided again inside the building, but Neo was throw back and fell face-down. Smith declared that it was Neo that taught him the purpose of life, which he defined as being "to end".
Neo, determined to defeat Smith, stands up again. This time Neo got the upper hand in the battle and punched Smith several metres away.

They flew towards each other and created an explosion, destroying the glass off the skyscrapers. They continued rising upwards.

Smith meteors Neo
When they reached the sky, Neo threw Smith a considerable distance. Smith then flew towards Neo, charging with a punch like a missile, and caused a gigantic shock-wave.

Smith smiled at the sight of Neo falling down. He then held Neo and began to augment his speed towards his downfall. The crash it caused was almost meteoric.

The EndEdit

Neo struggled as watched his many clones surround the crater in which the combatants fell. Smith then began to question the reason behind Neo's persistence in fighting. Neo stood up, with great effort, and replied, "Because I choose to".

Neo punches Smith in crater

Smith and Neo then began to fight again, albeit much slower. Neo successfully threw Smith into the wall of the crater.

Smith emerged from the hole, aggravated, and began to beat Neo brutally. At one point he recognised an event from one of his premonitions and, against his will, echoed the words of the Oracle:

"Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo."

Neo understood that in order to destroy Smith, he would have to sacrifice himself. He then allows himself to be assimilated. After the assimilation is completed, the eyes of Neo/Smith and Neo (in the real world) begin to glow white. Neo/Smith explodes; other Smiths soon follow suit and the Matrix is rebooted and all those who were assimilated by Smith returned back to their normal selves in the Matrix.


The Battle's end was the beginning of the peace between Humans and Machines. The Sentinels retreated from Zion and the war came to an end.


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