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Sutola was a Cypherite who served vigilantly during his years of serving aboard the Blue Dreamer. He later departed the Blue Dreamer to a newer unnamed hovercraft, where he enlisted the former liaison known as Sphectra and embarked on an unknown mission in the Real World.

Biography Edit

At the age of 13, Adrian Clarke was awakened by the Zion-affiliated crew of the (first) Novalis. He then spent the rest of his childhood in an orphanage during the period of war with the Machines.

Sutola was 22 during the Machine attack on Zion. Although he did not serve in the military, he served as volunteer infantry, which meant he did not get to see the intense parts of the fight, and was not involved for the defense of the Docks.

When the Truce between Zion and the Machines was done, Sutola then agreed to join a hovercraft crew. However, he killed the small number of crew on the hovercraft he served on and defected to the Cypherites.

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