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Switch was a crewmember on the Zion hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar who, along with Apoc, fell victim to Cypher.


Switch served as a guard or protector in her duties and was generally partnered with Apoc. With Apoc and Trinity, Switch collected Neo for his introduction to Morpheus. Referring to Neo as "coppertop", an early allusion to Neo's enslavement in the machines' energy farm, Switch held him at gunpoint in case his avatar was possessed by an Agent while Trinity removed a bug implanted in Neo's body.

Switch was executed while in the Matrix when Cypher pulled her data probe from her headjack aboard the Nebuchadnezzar as part of his attempt to return his body to the Matrix power plant. Switch's last words, spoken while kneeling over the body of Apoc, were "Not like this... not like this." This combined with her distress when he was killed could hint she had romantic feelings for Apoc.

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  • Switch is one of the only two redpills seen in the Matrix film trilogy dressed in white, the other one being Ghost during the highway chase scene.
  • They are also an allusion to the white angel and the female warrior.
  • In the original script of the Matrix film, Switch changed genders upon entering the Matrix, which coined their name, Switch. This may be a reflection of Lilly and Lana Wachowski's struggles with their gender identity, which were unknown to the public at the time. (citation needed)

Memorable QuotationsEdit

  • "Not like this... not like this."