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Symmetric was a Zionite that was the first mate of the revolutionarily new sentinel-killer class gunship called the Devildog, which was under the command of Fenshire. Similar to the ship's captain, Symmetric is somewhat unique in that he served first as a Zionite, then as a Machinist, and then returned to Zion's service at the fall of the Truce.

Prior to his role as the Devildog's First Mate (first as a Machinist and later as a Zionite), Symmetric served as captain of the Adonis and leader of the Kings of Never. Symmetric gained some fame for cracking a computer code that appeared in the time of Unlimit, and was personally congratulated for his success by Niobe and Agent Pace, who offered him the opportunity to work for the Machines if he were ever to be interested. Some time later, Symmetric elected to join The Mega City Department of Energy to work on improving man-machine relations as a Machinist.

Following the end of the Truce, Symmetric, already aboard the hovercraft captained by the defecting Fenshire, returned to the service of Zion as a member of The Trust.

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