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"Yes, he's named for a monkey. I don't understand the naming conventions of the natural born, but the name is quite apt in a lot of ways."
Neurophyte [src]

Tamarin was a Zionite operator aboard the Novalis II.


  • source from MxO archive

If there is a person who lights up a room just by walking in, it's Tamarin, the free-born Operator on the Novalis II. When things look tough, Tamarin knows how to break the tension. When things are going well, he knows how to get everyone to relax.

More than one admiring Zionite has noted that Tamarin would have made a great psychiatrist, or an even greater bartender. He's always available to listen to complaints, be they Alex's relationship problems, Odran's "chef experiments", WanNi's discipline frustrations, or Lelan reminiscing about old movies.

Tamarin, who refuses to be photographed, loves his crew more than anything else. He can serve on any ship, deal with any broken equipment, just so long as the friends and comrades of the Novalis II are there with him.

"Tamarin" is a type of squirrel-sized monkeys that are native to central or southern America.
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