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The Auditor
Physical Description






Eye Color:


Exile Information

Auditing the Matrix code

Type of Exile:


Chronological and Political Information

The Auditor was an Exile in the Matrix. His office is located in Union Hill.


As an Exile, he constantly checks the code of the Matrix for faults. It could be speculated that he is a compiler or error-checker program. From looking at him, he could be seen as very cold, but deep down is concerned in keeping the codes of the Matrix free from error.

When the truce was renounced and the immanent threat of war rising, the Merovingian formed an alliance with this exile, as well as Madame T, Yttri Cerulean and Amber. the alliance was formed to order to maximise profits gained from the war.

The Machines retaliated due to the Merovingian stealing some code, resulting in the capture of Hypatia and threatened the Auditor to cease auditing the Merovingians' code.

When Zion extracted some override codes spawned by the intruder, they decided to take them to the Auditor to analyse them. What they showed him shocked the Exile, saying that they shouldn't be in the Matrix at all.

The Cypherites later questioned him about whether the Intruder used a unique sort of jack-in method, he replied that Intruder's code was a higher version than the Matrix itself.


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