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The Keymaker
Physical Description




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Exile Information

To provide access to programing hallways

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Chronological and Political Information

The Oracle

"We do only what we're meant to do."
―The Keymaker [src]

The Keymaker (sometimes spelled Key Maker) was a program created to open up the Source for The One. He was being kept as a prisoner in the Chateau of the Merovingian, but Abel and Cain let him escape, making him able to save Niobe and Ghost from an Agent. However, Abel foiled the betrayal, and found him in the hallways, taking the key from him and imprisoned him again. The Merovingian destroyed the key, although Niobe and Ghost were able to escape, the Keymaker apologising to them for his decision to meet them ahead of schedule, which made him captured again.

With the help of Persephone, Morpheus, Neo and Trinity came to the Chateau and freed the Keymaker and managed to protect him from the Twins and the Agents who pursued them on the freeway. The Keymaker also gave Trinity the key to a motorbike when she was about to ask Link to provide her with a hotwiring program. On the roof of a truck, Agent Johnson attempted to kill the Keymaker, but was stopped by Morpheus. Then, Neo flew to them and saved their lives from the collision of the truck.

The Keymaker then briefed Morpheus, Niobe and Soren about how Neo could reach the Source. He was, however, shot in the Hallway by the Smiths when opening the door that would lead Neo to his destination, his last words being to assure Neo that he was at peace with his death and to direct Neo and Morpheus to the doors that would take them to their next destinations.

In the theatrical releases, he is portrayed by actor Randall Duk Kim (sometimes credited as Randall Kim).

The New MatrixEdit

After his death, his chain of keys were in the possession of the exile known as the Landlord. His brother, the Boxmaker, blaming the Merovingian for his death, got revenge by creating box-like portals to the Merovingian's prison constructs in the form of heavy and small boxes called Pandora's Box, unleashing powerful exiles onto the Matrix world, causing havoc.


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