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The MetaCortex Database (now known as the Matrix Wiki), is a Wiki which was started on June 23, 2006. A period of inactivity ensued for some time after it's creation until Spencerian, Dude984, Ð٨ŘŦΗ ۍΆUŘΏŅ, and Fyrr were installed as it's operators. Since late August 2006, membership and contributions to The MetaCortex Database have steadily increased to expand the current listings to include everything now available.

The MetaCortex Database strives to be the premiere source for information on all aspects of the Matrix universe. This includes information from the Matrix films and Expanded Universe, as well as relevant information of value to fans. The MetaCortex Database is considered to be a branch of Wikipedia, but can expand on Matrix information in greater detail and with more freedom than Wikipedia.

As a fan-created encyclopedia, The MetaCortex Database is not intended to be a primary source, nor is it a replacement for any official source. Rather, it serves as a fan effort to summarize all aspects of the Matrix universe in the best way possible, while pointing the reader to the respective official sources.

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