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Tisiphone was a gang leader of the female Exile gang known as the Furies.

Tisiphone was most likely named after one of the female furies in Greek mythology

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I think your talking about Teri, I walked in for an employment service at Jc tipping, she was at my right hand from the matrix. She later just showed up to my door, and surprised me, she's very sexy, and I like her a lot, I wanted to keep her, but had a previous engagement, that I didn't expect to work out. The heartbreaking moment, was when my mom said she couldn't stay, because out house wasn't for sale. But I really liked her, this outher girl, was sorta making it difficult to stay, because of the school I was at. She wanted a gift to remember me by, I didn't have anything nice. But did try to give her an eagle talon ring. She asked for this stupid card, I got from a concert. It was trash, it said chs hammer skins . I hated the card, because as a child I was attacked by soldiers with a hammer, when my dad was at war. She insisted she take the card, I reminded her it's junk. She even called one of the dudes and said she knew em. I was really disappointed, and tried not to see her again. I hate the whole nazi Germany scam. It's all trash. I was king David once, and don't believe, in all that fabricated lies, and Masonic lies. They dug up a grave, and got all fanatical. My house is much larger, and much more advanced that, the junk they sell. I wanted better for her,and believed she would have had a better life with me. And not all that propaganda, and lies.

In fact, I totally hate Christmas.

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