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Trifid (AKA Maskharah)
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Trifid (AKA Maskharah)

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Trifid was a newest member aboard the neutrally affiliated Scanline hovercraft in the Recursion server. She was also the most recently deceased.

Trifid was originally affiliated with E Pluribus Neo, who suddenly defected to the Cypherites and became known as Maskharah. He was later captured and interrogated by EPN during a failed attempt to export weapons caches through the Matrix. Rescued by the Scanline crew became a part of the Scanline's crew after being asked by Theptism and remained an active member until the end of the truce. At that point he was renamed Trifid. He was killed when his emergency Jack Protocol malfunctioned and was gunned down by the EPN liaison, Reposco.

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