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Neoanddeusexmachina tmr03

Neo and the Deus Ex Machina discussing the Truce.

Architect: Just how long do you think this peace is going to last?
Oracle: As long as it can.

The Truce, as defined by Neo with the Deus Ex Machina ends the Machine War.

The terms of the Truce included:

  • Zion, its hovercraft or any of its denizens will not suffer any attack from Sentinels or other Machines.
  • The Matrix can be freely visited by redpills to free minds who choose to leave the virtual reality, with no interference from Agents.
  • Agents must still guard the Matrix from disturbances that could cause problems for its bluepill residents or the stability of the Matrix. Redpills must heed their authority.
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Two of The Matrix Comics were set during the Truce.

"Saviors" tells the story of Hitch, who tried to free his parents after the Truce had started, only to find them die as they exited the Matrix. He then entered into a deal with the Machines to restore him to the Matrix in exchange for killing the rest of his crew and releasing a bomb in the office of a war-ready Zionite captain. An Agent explains to him at the end that "The accord is currently stable" but "larger concerns remain", and that distinctions such as war and peace are purely human: "We do not want war but survival. To this we will continue."

"I Kant" tells the story of Kid being trained by Morpheus after the death of Neo, learning that Neo is still out there, showing him the way if he believes.

End of the TruceEdit

Fearing the inevitable end of Neo's truce, Zion began making preparations to abandon the city of Zion and build a new home unknown to the Machines. When a team of Cypherites discovered the location, they broadcast an alert before being destroyed. Agent Gray notified the Architect of this violation and the Truce came to an end.

Realizing that the Machines would quickly begin their attack, Zion Command ordered the immediate evacuation of the old City. However, before they could complete this effort, Cypherites entered the city and lay siege. A bomb was planted by the Cypherite "Silenci0" inside Zion Command. Tyndall and Commander Lock were among many caught in the blast. Lock was assumed dead as the others escaped the onslaught. The war between Zion and the Machines was now back in full effect.

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