Disc Six: The Matrix Revolutions Revisited is the sixth disc in the Ultimate Matrix Collection. It contains twenty-seven documentaries concentrating on the development of the various action scenes in the final installment of the trilogy, as well as coverage on the various elements of Zion and other aspects of creating the Matrix universe. It does not include the bonus material from the orginal DVD release.


  • Color, Full Frame
  • Subtitles:
    • Français


  • Crew
    • Owen's Army: The Australian Art Department
    • 2nd Unit: A World of Their Own
    • Bill Pope: Cinematographer of the Matrix
    • Masters of Light and Shadow
  • Hel
    • Coat Check
    • Upsidedown Under
    • Fast Break
    • Exploding Man
    • Gun Club
    • The Extras of Club Hel
  • Super Burly Brawl
    • The Skybarn
    • The Crater
    • The Egg
    • Anatomy of the Superpunch
  • New Blue World
  • Siege
    • Dig This
    • The Siege Action Match
    • Anatomy of a Shot: Mifune's Last Stand
    • Building an APU
    • Product of Zion
    • Aftermath
    • Revolutionary Composition
    • The Glue
    • Dane Tracks
    • Cause and Effects


Ultimate Matrix Collection
Disc One: The MatrixDisc Two: The Matrix RevisitedDisc Three: The Matrix ReloadedDisc Four: The Matrix Reloaded RevisitedDisc Five: The Matrix RevolutionsDisc Six: The Matrix Revolutions RevisitedDisc Seven: The AnimatrixDisc Eight: The Roots of the MatrixDisc Nine: The Burly Man ChroniclesDisc Ten: The Zion Archive

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