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Last President
Unamed U.S President of The United States
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The Second Renaissance Part 2

Was the Assumed Last President of the United States during the Second Renaissance. He spoken briefly against the Zero One Nation.

As President Edit

The President spoken strongly against the Machine Nation were his Wife and son were near him during a press conference. Sometime later he and the rest of the nations planned to wipe out the Machines after they tried to make peace with their human counterparts. The Nation then Bombed Zero One, but it did not cause any effect since their power source was the sun. The Machine then planned a full scale invasion which led to the eventual Machine War.

Machine War Edit

He Agreed the Operation Dark Storm plan to block the Machine's Power supply. However, The Machines still became victorious against the human nation and the machines ruled Earth.

Death/Possible Prisoner of Paradise Matrix Edit

Its most likely that the president died in Washington by the Machine Forces or having been killed in the United Nations Assembly when the machine ambassador wipe out New York City. Its also possible that he was captured by the machines and put in the Paradise Matrix in which as many others would not believed that virtual Reality world and reject the programming that would have killed him instantly.

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