The United Nations Security Council was one of the organs of the United Nations established in order to secure peace and security throughout the world. It was based in the UN headquarters in New York City.

01 Peace TreatyEdit

Sometime in the past, the nation of 01 had sent two ambassadors to the United Nations in order to become a member state and negotiate peace between Humans and the Machines following an internaitonal military blockade around the nation and economic sanctions on 01 inresponsee to the rising power of the machine economy and the waning powers of the humans. It instead ended in disaster and soon led to the beginning of the Machine War. It is assumed that the UNSC was a leading force during the conflict.

Surrender of Humanity  Edit

At the end of the Machine War, the UN Security Council had allowed the Machine Ambassador to come to the UN and sign the Instrument of Surrender officially ending the war and declaring the official surrender of all Human Militaries and Nations. The ambassador had signed the treaty and soon detonated himself destroying the UN Headquarters and all of New York in a nuclear explosion officailly ending the last remannt of human order. 


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