Unnamed Old Man

The old man.

There was an unnamed old man that saved the Resistance member Mac from both the Machines and his own serious injuries.

Mac suffered a broken arm, a broken leg, three cracked ribs, and some head trauma after his hovercraft crash landed on the surface. His two fellow crewmembers, Heater and Split, died on impact. Before the Machines could find him, however, Mac was dragged by the old man into an underground facility that was reachable only by a small lift. Mac drifted out of consciousness as this was happening.

When Mac woke up, he found himself in the old man's facility facing a deactivated Sentinel. The old man begins to speak of how Mac is a fellow brother of the order; the old man is under the delusion that he himself is some sort of knight and that the holes in his body, created from when he was in his pod, are bites from dragons. He believes that it is his mission to destroy these dragons. He also looks after Mac through his fever by giving him a bed, water (first boiled to kill the bacteria in it), and what Mac believes to be cockroach paste. The old man himself mostly eats small animals such as rats.

During one of the old man's scavenging trips, he brought back equipment from Mac's hovercraft, including the radio. While Mac began to repair it after his fever broke, the old man swung his sword through his facility fighting imaginary enemies. After a little while, Mac tried to explain to the old man the truth of the situation, but the old man did not believe him. Instead, he showed Mac what he believed to be the dragons through a type of telescope in his facility. In reality, what the old man was showing Mac were machines called Harvesters. These were the same types of machines that were on the drawings the old man made of himself fighting what he believed were dragons.

The old man began to work inside the hollowed-out Sentinel that he showed Mac earlier, welding shrapnel to it as well as putting in large quantities of cyclonite (an type of explosive). After he was done with his preparations, the old man gave Mac a bundle while he was asleep. The bundle contained a book called The Trojan War as well as a drawing of himself and Mac, arm in arm, with the title reading "FREEDOM." The old man then flew the Sentinel to the fetus fields and, when the Machines were close enough, detonated the cyclonite, killing himself in the process.


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