Unnamed hovercraft appear in the Matrix series. There are five in The Matrix Comics, and two in The Animatrix.

The Matrix Comics Edit

  • One is a ship used for carrying potentials and is unnamed.
  • Another crashed in the fetus fields, and only one of its crew members survived. He found a strange man who knew nothing of the Matrix but was convinced that the fetus harvesters were dragons.
  • A third was stolen by a group of rebels who attracted Agents for the thrill of it and were not allied with Zion.
  • The fourth ship was used to destroy money that had a virus attached to it.
  • The fifth and final unnamed ship was used by a crew that saved a girl who could change her residual self image.

The Animatrix Edit

  • The first ship appears in Matriculated. The crew work out of the wreckage of a ship on the surface, and capture and reprogram Machines.
  • The second ship appears in Program. New crewmember Cis is in a training program overseen by Kaiser on an unnamed hovercraft.

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