There are a number of instances in The Matrix that make me feel that Morpheus is (unwittingly) just a BIG part of the entire plan of the machine system.

Everybody needs a guide.

Free your mind.

Without Morpheus and the followers he attracted, there would be no premise at all for the one to be found. He was a facilitator for the entire thing from top to bottom.

"She told me I would find the one" - he says to Neo of the Oracle's little birdy in the ear chit chat; yeah, of course she did you daft sod, it's your job to find the one, he need to be found doesn't he, that's the basic premise of the anomoly that The Architect talks about.

That basically means that every last little ounce of flesh in the movie (anyone or anything that isn't a machine) was actually part of the system or, in effect a machine.

So was there any real flesh in the movie?

Was Zion all part of the machine system?

Some trains of thought believe it ot be as you can clearly see Neo in Zion on one of the television screens when he first meets the Architect.

I'm confused.

Anyway, I love this movie and as much as I wish I could be as cool as Larry Fishburne, I have one thing over him that I understand far greater than he does or his character in what I believe to be the most cinematically adventurous and though-provokingly brilliant movie of the last 20 years, I know how hot human beings are and can give you facts and figures that prove that Morpheus was just trying to blag Neo's head enough to get him to be th One.

What an utter swine!

The truth is, Human beings can give off 25,000 BTUs, but in what time frame?

An hour, a day, a month, a year? - Morph doesn't specify, but either way, this blog and infographic does.

Please check it out if you have a chance - Was Morpheus Right? - How Hot Are Humans?

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