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Message to the Admins

Hello, Matrix Wiki administrators. I would like to request administrative rights on this wiki because there is a lot of cleaning up to do around here. All of you are awesome admins. You've done an excellent job maintaining the wiki and building its content. However, I have noticed a few drops in this "maintenance" as of late. There are pages that have been marked for deletion for several months now and they still have yet to be deleted, there are many categories that are unorganized and even grandparented into articles (I'm in the process of removing them all), and users who are getting away with malicious acts because they are not being blocked.

This blog is my effort in communicating with you all. I wish to stress that all of the above is not acceptable wiki standards for admins to display. I understand that all of you have lives outside of this wiki. You are not always going to be online here keeping your eye on this wiki. But, it really hurts to see that this wiki isn't being properly taken care of.

I will now redirect all that are viewing this blog to a message that I left to an active administrator. User talk:Sclera1#Admin 2

As I mentioned before, I believe all of you are excellent admins. But, something has to change. I want to help improve things around here. I really do. But when I am ignored, that makes it really hard for me to do so.

Now, I do have intentions on adopting this wiki. I would prefer not to do that, since I know we can all make a decision on the future of this wiki together as a team. I am an experienced user, and I swear to you all that I have this wiki's best interests at heart. You will never have to worry about me abusing my rights as an admin. I completely understand if my request is turned down, no hard feelings. I will always continue to contribute here the best I can with or without administrative rights. I look forward to the decision of the community. Thank you for your time.

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