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July 21, 2009
  • Sclera1

    I learnt that recently the site which had the source to most of the recorded mission (the Daniel institue seems to be frozen or out of commission. So i don't see how else i can find and write down the missions. At least i got what few that i wrote down anyway previously.., sorry about that. also i tried to use the torrent download but it doesn't seem to work for me =(

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  • Sclera1

    MxO Online Info update

    August 2, 2014 by Sclera1

    So far I have been able to write down some of the missions to the Matrix Online wiki, but that involves searching through some randomly assorted folders for the first snapshot, then trying to write down most of them and then trying to look around for the next one and then repeat the process. Plus not all of the missions have been saved, such as the Merovingian ones from Episode 3.2- 3.3. Any help with donating information to the Matrix Online would be really welcome, in particular the NPC mobs and any of the missing missions. This would help in creating a memorial for the game that is on the verge of becoming forgotten. Thank you all for reading the blog.

    Heres the adress to the Matrix Online wiki:

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  • Sclera1

    Saved archive

    February 16, 2012 by Sclera1
    "Fear is the greatest enemy to humans, and is the path to madness"

    --- Crow

    Crow is a program created and controlled by the Merovingian. He is known for his pale, white skin, and his long black hair. He always wears black clothing as a sign of evil and dark spirits.

    However, the greatest things Crow is renowned for is his ability to transform into a crow,and his extreme claws (Not pictured). In his right middle finger is a needle containing a "fear liquid", which reveals the greatest fears of the victim, and almost certainly make's them twisted and insane. He uses his ability of shape-shifting into a crow to spy of enemy's and prisoners. He is also able to communicate with crows.

    Crow is killed by the program Ballard while torturing Jehovah c…

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  • Sclera1

    Why MxO was unplugged

    January 29, 2011 by Sclera1

    I eventually know the exact reason why MxO is no more, it didn't have anything directly to do with the game itself, even if it did not be as popular as WOW. I think the real reason why MxO is never heard from again was when Monolith handed the game to Sony Online entertainment (S.O.E.). They are the ones who pulled the plug, as well as made some unpopular decisions to add in MxO. This isn't a coincidence, in another game, Starwars Galaxies, which S.O.E. have been minding over, when LucusArts wanted to make it a bit more action-packed, SOE recklessly shortened the classes as well as uncaringly eleiminate the towns which some of the players have earned. Sony Online entertain are a bunch of grossly neglectful bunch of boobs that should not be t…

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  • Sclera1

    Lack of Images: Ethereals

    January 9, 2011 by Sclera1

    As the title says, there does not seem to be any abundence of photos of these alien creatures (they are exiles who are green and become intangible and are located in Rawlins Corner and the Old Talbot building). Despite seeing a lot of information about them, there was no proper image of them anywhere, i wish the Matrix Online people could have at least did a photo album and cartalogued them before the Mxo shut down...

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